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Skydancers to be made by Con Engels of Windstar Kites


Skydancer Black Rainbow @ OS Washington

Skydancer... at Ocean Shores, Washington!

Skydancer "Mijet"
Skydancer Black Rainbow

3/4 Size Skydancer, based on David David's
Skydancer "Enigma"

US FlagUS Flag

Now featured... the Jackite "Eagle"
Jackite Eagle
for the most realistic bird kite ever... choose the Jackite "Eagle"
(CLICK "Eagle" for more details on the Eagle and other bird kites)

Also be sure to check out our Patriotic Page
Circus Spiral Gyro

ANNOUNCING the landing of the...

U Fo

"Hot item "
Can be Single line, Dual line, Three line and Quad line flown!
Comes ready to fly for Single line flight.

LOOKING for the HOTTEST Revs out there...
The Revolution B-Series 1.5


Revolution "POWER BLAST 4-8"
Revolution Power Blast


Revolution B-Series ZEN
Revolution Blast

The Revolution B-Series ZEN now available . Now taking orders!
For more info see...


Check out the NEW Windsocks & Spinners


Jim Rolands inflatables!

Con Engels is proud to annouce that Windstar Kites still carries kites desigend by Jim Rowlands,
Now made under license by Premier Kites!
"Le Frog" by Jim Rowlands

Did you know that Windstar Kites is a retailer for...

Blue Moon Kites
To see Blue Moon Kites vist...
Blue Moon Kites

REV 1s
are back again!!!!!
The Rev 1 is back for a very special version!
Other Revs are available, such as the
1.5, SLE, Shockwave, Supersonic and new Zero Wind

"Kite Safety Field Card"Kite Safety Field Card
(click for a free detailed printable field card)

Also available in Adobe Acrobat PDFKiteSafetyFieldCard.PDF


Click for info on Kite Workshop Kits for Kids available from Con Engels

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Many more pages to come. Check back often!

FREE Windstar Kites T-shirt
with first purchase of over $200.00*
Quantities Limited (see designs below)!

The designs below were a labor of love.
The original WSK design (top) took over
200 hours in image manipulation to come to
it's final design. Starting with the background
which was created with Photo Paint, then the
text and images were each overlayed. Each image
was taken from photos, and converted to bitmap.
I worked with over 25 kite images, before deciding
on the nine you presently see. The nine kites represent
the various types and variety of kites that are made today.
Included in the design are: a hand made Eddy, a Jackkite
Eagle, my Grandfather's (Pap) delta, a box, a Prism Illusion,
a High As A Kite Rokaku (Japanese fighter kite), a Skydancer,
a Skytiger HI 60 power foil, and a Revolution Supersonic!


WSK T-Shirt back
Original WSK T-Shirt Design
(9 kites within the design)
( limited quantity of these available)
NO Adult size Medium currently available
Available in Kids
M & L and
Adult sizes
S, M, XL, 2X & 3X

Click on images to enlarge.

WSK SkydancerT-Back design
Skydancer T-Shirt Design
(currently out of stock)

T-Shirt Designs by Con Engels of Windstar Kites

Adult sizes SM-XL $16.00 / 2XL-3XL $18.00
Add $6.00 US shipping for one or two shirts (lower 48 States).


Lee Sedgwick
Congratulations to Lee Sedgwick for his record breaking Rev 1 stack!
(click HERE for details)




Photo page linkPhoto pages! Now here!


Prism "E-3"


Click image for details!


"WSK Premium Spectra"

Quad link Quad link
Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club (pin logo)

Fly Pittsburgh & other area
Current kiting events!

As a service to the local Pittsburgh kiting community,
every effort is made to see that the above
listings of events are kept current.

Become a member of the Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club!

Con Engels at e-mail listed at the bottom of this page, for further details regarding these events,
or to schedule an event with members of Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club!

Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club (pin logo)

Looking for more information about the Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club
and our upcoming events! (CLICK "Fly Pittsburgh logo" for more info!)

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