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The Lee Sedgwick "U-Fo"
made by Revolution Kites



Lee Sedgwick

The MAN and ... his Invention ...
"U-FO"(pronounced You-fo)...
"Ultimate Flying Object"

The "U-FO"(pronounced You-fo)...
"Ultimate Fun Object"
The most awesome new item in the kiting industry!
Comes ready to fly with single line set up!
With the single line setup, it is flown as a tethered flying disc!
Loads of fun for everyone! See photos below from the 2004 Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club "Indoor Fly", where literally fliers of all ages had an absolute blast with Lee's new prototype disc.

These are HOT, and going fast!!!! All UFOs intially ordered went out the door as quick as they came in! Windstar Kites placed another order for more, and who knows how long they will be in stock!
Order yours today!

Three color combinations will be available:
... Red/Orange/Gold/Yellow

WSK List Price: $49.00
WSK Special
SALE Price:
No further discounts apply*
For experienced kite fliers, the UFO can be
converted for Dual line, Three line and Quad line flying!

Lee Sedgwick

Lee Sedgwick


U Fo Action
U-Fo in action at 2005 SRU Indoor Fly

Lee Sedgwick with U Fo
Lee, quad flying his UFO at the 2004 AKA Convention!
Photo by Rick Agar
... more photos by Rick coming soon!
(click photo for enlargement)

U-FO Quad Sticks, designed and made by Lee Sedgwick
These quad sticks are not yet available commercially, but with the help of Lee Sedgwick himself, you too can make a set of U-Fo Quad Sticks for yourself!

UFO Quad Sticks
by Lee Sedgwick

UFO Quad Sticks folded
Quad Sticks ready to fly

(click photos to enlarge)
UFO Quad Sticks folded
Cap & Ferrule

Photo on top right shows the U-FO quad stick ready to fly. The Quad Sticks that Lee Sedgwick designed for his U-FO are made to fly the U-FO with equal push and pull on the kite from top to bottom and right to left while maintaining unilateral control for the UFO disc for quad flying. All of the rods used are of equal length of 16.25", so it is therefore easy to make as two standard 32.5" rods make up the rods you need (simply cut the two rods each in half to make the four rods needed to make the pair of quad sticks. For whatever size rods you use (.2780 O.D. rods are suggested), use the appropriate internal ferrule to be glued into the ends of the rods (on the line end). Three inches of Superthane tubing is used for the flexible center joint for each quad stick.

Bottom Right Photo shows the detail of cap & inner ferrule line attachment for Lee Sedgwick's U-FO Quad Sticks.

Parts needed to make Lee Sedgwick U-FO QUAD STICKS:
2- .278 O.D. Glasform tubes (each 32.5" long) {Hang-em High Fabrics part number… C30}
Superthane Tubing .375 O.D./.250 I.D. 2- 3" pieces {Hang-em High Fabrics part number… VTS4… note: 1 foot minimum order needed}
4- Internal ferrules {Hang-em High Fabrics part number… IF2300}
4- .250 Vinyl End Caps {Hang-em High Fabrics part number… VEC14}
note: if you can find different colored ¼ end caps, it is helpful to use black and red caps (or… black and white). This way you can mark each end of the rods using these caps… see RTF Photo.
80' of Spectra line (80#or 100# test works great)
2- Foam grips for center joint of each quad stick (I do not have a resource for these, but will let you know when I find one).

UFO Quad Sticks folded

How to make Lee's Quad Sticks:
1) Cut two 32.5" rods in half (.2780 Outside Diameter, or comparable)

2) Use 3" of Superthane tubing to join two rods together, to make the flex joint in center of quad stick.
3) Use appropriate foam handgrips for each handles. Rev EXP soft grips were used for Lee's, but you can find other resources for grips. Push grips into place over rods and Superthane flex joints.
4) Make up four equal lines for your quad set (18'-19' finished line length is optimal, but they can be a bit shorter or longer… it's up to the flier!)
5) Once you have all four lines cut, insert ends to be attached to handles through the end caps (hint… melt holes through center of end caps, using a pencil point soldering iron) and insert lines through the inner ferrules that will be glued into the ends of quad sticks. Once line is inserted through the ferrules. Knot the ends of the lines, so that the line cannot pull back through the ferrules. Then glue the ferrules into the rods, and place end caps over the rods… See Cap & Ferrule photo.
6) Make sure all lines are of equal length.
7) To attach lines to the U-FO, simply cut four short pigtails and larks head the pigtails around the outer frame (at the four seam bungees). Larks head lines to pigtails… … and you are ready to fly.



Lee Sedgwick with U Fo


Lee Sedgwick with U Fo


Lee Sedgwick with U Fo


Playing with U Fo


Joanne with U Fo


Playing with U Fo


Playing with U Fo


Playing with U Fo

For many years, Lee Sedgwick has been an innovator and pioneer in kiting. One of the talents that he is most famous for is his abilities with the Rev 1. Especially his never ending entertainment of the fliers and spectators. Everywhere he goes Lee simply amazes people with his stacks of Rev1s.

Rev 6 Pack
Lee's Six pack at '95 Wildwood Convention
(note: each kite sold separately)


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