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Remembering David Davies
On November 11, 2008 David passed away!
David Davies
Skydancers made by Con Engels of Windstar Kites


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"Windstar Kites - Skydancer" T-Shirt Design
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Let us not forget all those who were lost!

My sincerest sympathy and prayers go out to all those affected by the terrible acts of violence perpetrated against the US on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I can not begin to express my feelings regarding this day. May we all remain strong in our convictions and in our belief in freedom. And may we all find the strength to carry on!

Con Engels, owner of Windstar Kites

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What Windstar Kites is all about!

Whether at the beach, or flying at your local flying field, you will be sure to have fun with this great leisure activity. There are kites made for all different types of wind conditions, from high wind kites to zero wind kites. Windstar Kites is here to help you find the right kite for you. Some of the various types of kites are, single line, box, deltas, dual line stunt and sport kites, quad line, power kites, and even airplane models. Readily available are Flexifoil, HQ, Prism Design, Inter Active Kites, Peter Lynn, Revolution, New Tech, Premier, just to name a few manufacturers.

Modern kiting has evolved to an ever-changing complex science, using high tech materials, such as carbon and fiberglass for frame material. Dacron and Spectra is most commonly used for kite lines. Ripstop nylon, Polyester and Chikara ripstop are the predominate fabrics used (with others up and coming), and Kevlar is sometimes used for sail reinforcements. How to fly videos, books on flying and kite building, along with the supplies to build them are also available.

Con Engels of Windstar Kites is proud to be an active participant in many local community events and kite building workshops for children of all ages (even those of us that never quite grew up). He also attends regional and national kiting festivals. Along with Con, many other flyers enjoy kiting all year round, in varied weather conditions, rainstorms being the major exception (we all know what Benjamin Franklin did in his famous experiment involving a kite). Remember always to fly safely and follow these tips….
And you can click for a very handy detailed printable "Kite Safety Field Card"Kite Safety

Also available in Adobe AcrobatPDFA ONE PAGE Adobe Acrobat version of this Kite Safety Field Card can be found at... "Kite Safety Field Card 1 Page"Kite SafetyPDF
A TWO PAGE Adobe Acrobat version of this Kite Safety Field Card with Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club Membership info can be found at at"Kite Safety Field Card PDF"Kite Safety PDF
Question... What happens to a kite when it comes in contact with power lines... Click here to see the Answer!

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Windstar Kites is a full service shop dedicated strictly to kites and wind related items, offering a wide range of products. Serving Pittsburgh, the rest of the United States, and the International Kiting Community. The only place in the Pittsburgh area for the very best in kite and wind related merchandise!
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Billy The Crab "Red"
Billy The Crab "Orange"

Printed Banners, econonomically priced...
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LOOKING for the HOTTEST Rev out there...
The Revolution B-Series 1.5


One of my Rev customers,
Ray Lee flying with iQuad
Ray is flying the B-Series 2nd to the right!

Revolution "POWER BLAST 4-8"
Revolution Power Blast

Revolution "B-Series Zen"
When nothing else will fly...
reach for the Revolution Zen!
Revolution B-Series Zen
(photo by David Hathaway)

Wind range: 0-4 mph
"The ideal conditions for it are really about 2 - 9 mph" as quoted directly from David Hathaway!

Zens will be sewn and delivered in the order received. Sewn by Bazzer Poulter!
Signature Series Zen
co-designed by
John Barresi & Bazzer Poulter

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Now featured... the Jackite Eagle, one of the most realistic and majestic kites available.
Along with many other sinlge line kites, Windstar Kites is proud to present to you!

Jackite Eagle
Sport kite fly line: BBS Blue, LaserPro & Spectra line page

New Update: Single line kite, Dacron line page

Prism Nexus
Nice beginner Dual Line Sport Kite

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Photo pages!

Link to MPEG

The Fijet "Domino Lauch"
Check out the latest Fijet move!
Click on the thumbnail to view a special

MPEG movie clip of this phenomenal
Fijet manoeuvre (download 174 kb)

Types of kites sold by Windstar Kites...
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Single Line

Sport / Stunt

Quad link

Power Kites

Single Line Kites

Sport/Stunt Kites

Quad Line Kites
the Skydancer

Power Kites

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Skydancer™ &
Skydancer Shaped Quad Line™

Skydancer TradeMark
Note: The Skydancer quad line kite is Trademarked by David Davies and the Davies Family, along with David's unique signature shape of his quad line kites. Included within the Skydancer range of kites are...the Skydancer, Enigma, Swift, SkyHawk, SkyEagle, SkyBat, Fijet, Mijet, SkyComet, Skydancer Bewitched to name a few. Any use of these images is not permitted without consent of Windstar Kites and InterActive Kites. The design of the Skydancer quad line kite is uniquely David Davies and is protected under Trademark laws! Windstar Kites now holds the exclusive license to produce the Skydancer range of kites. No other manufacturer, designer or kite maker is permitted to produce kites within the Skydancer range or shape without written permission of the Davies family!

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