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Sled Kite

Information on Kite Workshop Materials for kids & adults

Kids flying their sled kites
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Sled Kite

I do have available a kite kit that I use for kite workshops that I conduct myself. I can make available to you an instruction sheet for conducting a workshop, when you purchase the kite kits through me.

The material that I use for the kite sail (or skin) is DuPont Tyvek® (fiber reinforced paper, the same material used for Priority, Express Mail & Federal Express mailing envelopes, and is also used for DuPont House Wrap).

The kite design that I most often use is a Sled kite. It is easy to make, can have artwork applied via paints, markers, pencils or crayons, and it can rolled up for easy transport.

Each Sled kite kit costs $6.00 each, and includes kite skin, spars (1/8 dowel rods), and kite line. Volume discounts may apply for orders over 100 kite kits (ask for details).
Please note that in the greater Pittsburgh area I am available to come out to put on the workshop, and also to do kite demonstrations. There is an additional charge for my time if I conduct the workshop. Typically at most workshops that I conduct, I bring a display of various kites, and personally instruct the group on building the kites, and on kite safety. I also provide information on local flying fields and about our local kite club, and also some kite history. If video equipment can be provided, I can also provide a video presentation of the diversity and range of today's modern kites.

Materials you need to supply are 3/4" fiberglass strapping (shipping) tape, and coloring medium (markers, paint, etc.)

Tools needed for workshop are: several pair of sharp scissors, a standard hole puncher(s).

It is necessary that all workshops be supervised and conducted by adults. Depending on the ages of the class participants, it is recommended that there be at least 1 additional adult for every 10 participants.

Contact Con Engels for further details about purchasing workshop materials to do your own workshop, or about booking me to actually conduct and instruct a workshop in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

"Kite Safety Field Card"Kite Safety Field Card
(click for a free detailed printable field card)

Also available in Adobe Acrobat PDFKiteSafetyFieldCard.PDF


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