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(some safety suggestions from the American Kitefliers Association)

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Wind and Weather, helpful info!!!!!


Estimating Wind speeds!

Modern kites of today are made to fly in a variety of wind ranges. There are many different types of kites, from ultra-lights to power kites. It is important that the flier knows how to estimate wind speed. For those kite fliers who do not have a wind meter, the following is a quick reference guide.




2 to 3 mph: smoke drifts .................. Zero wind & Ultra light kites
4 to 7 mph: leaves move on trees ..... Ultra/Light wind, most large foils & large Power kites
8 to 12 mph: small flags stand out ..... most kites fly, low wind range of most Box & Cellular
13 to 18 mph: tree limbs move ......... upper wind range of most kites
19 to 24 mph: small trees sway ........ upper to top wind range of specialized kites
25 to 31 mph: large trees move ........ specialized (vented Sport kites, smaller Power foils)


Keep in mind that each kite design has it's recommended wind range. It can become dangerous when a smaller adult or child attempts to fly any kite in it's upper to top recommended wind range, especially in gusty wind conditions. It is a good rule of thumb, to avoid flying any kite above it's recommended wind range.



For local Pittsburgh UV Index & Weather Forecast

Pittsburgh Weather & UV Index link


For Pittsburgh Windcast & other cities

(this link brings you to a site that shows wind
speed in knots. Below is a conversion chart.)

5 knots = 5.8 mph
10 knots = 11.5 mph
15 knots = 17.3 mph
20 knots = 23.0 mph
25 knots = 28.8 mph
30 knots = 34.5 mph
35 knots = 40.3 mph

Pittsburgh Wind link


Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club has it's Home Field at
Coopers Lake Campground
Slippery Rock, PA

Slippery Rock Weather Conditions:






If current conditions are not available here try...
The Weather Channel, Pittsburgh Edition
US Weather Forecast link



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