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This page dedicated to Patriotic items.


Just in time for the 4th of July...
Printed Banners, econonomically priced...
USA Star Spangled Banners
..........USA Glory Banners


HOT "Blaze"
Crystal inspired spinner looks fantasic as a kite drougue, flown on a pole or used as line laundry.

Available in Rainbow &
(click to see other Rainbow & other windsocks & spinners)

24"(Small) Price...$21.00

36"(Large) Price...$28.00

Blaze Rainbow

"Dynamo" Patriot
Spinning inflated chute. Make's a great addition, flown on a pole, as line laundry or used as kite drogue.

Also available in Rainbow
(click to see other Rainbow & other windsocks & spinners)

14"(Small) Price...$15.00

30"(Large) Price...$29.00
currently out of stock on 30" size

Rainbow Dynamo

Spinsets & Spinsocks®, our most popular wind decoration. Made with Solarmax fabric!

Patriot Spinset


Patriot (red, white, blue)
Large Spinset
11", 9" & 7" Baskets w/24" tail
as pictured, includes waxed swivels
Price: $19.00

Patriot Spinsock

Patriot (red, white, blue)
Price: $19.00

Spinsocks available in other sizes!
(click here to see other sizes)

Spinsocks® are the one and only original from Catch the Wind. Made with the kind of quality that keeps your Spinsock looking beautiful and makes it last longer than other windsocks. The 48" Spinsocks are easy to hang nearly anywhere, they even indicate wind speed and direction!

Make a dramatic spin statement in the sky.
An impresive TWELVE foot long, sculpted in spinning colors, this item will capture lots of attention.

Circus Spiral Gyro
12' Patriotic Spiral Gyro
Also available in colors:
Pink-Purple swirl
Tecmo (Black/White with Red mouth)
LIST Price: $85.00 WSK Special Price: $79.00


Quick Silver 6' Patriot Octopus Kite
Only... $8.00 ready to fly w/line

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Fly in 4-20 mph winds

Patriot Octopus

This wonderful kite made with Mylar
will fly in the lightest of winds, and is
one of the easiest kites to fly, both for
kids and adults. It is also one of the
least expensive kites that we carry.

So show your patriotism with this
mylar wonder, proudly made in the US!

Patriot Octopus full view



56" Stars & Stripes Delta... $26.00
Ripstip nylon

Ready to fly with line and handle.
Fly in 5-18 mph winds.
9' Stars & Stripes Delta... $109.00
Fly in 5-20 mph winds.
Recommended Line sold separately...
80# test Dacron ... $14.00
6 in. HaloWinder ...$8.00

11' Stars & Stripes Delta... $199.00
Fly in 5-20 mph winds.
Recommended Line sold separately...
150# test Dacron ... $19.00
8 in. HaloWinder ...$10.00

19' Stars & Stripes Delta... $449.00
Fly in 5-20 mph winds.
Recommended Line sold separately...
500# test Dacron ... $39.00
10 in. HaloWinder ...$16.00


Delta Stars & Stripes

Tube Tails for 9', 11' & 19' Stars & Stripes Deltas...
Delta Stars & Stripes
24' PATRIOTIC Tube Tail ... WSK Special Price $24.00 each

100' PATRIOTIC Tube Tail ... WSK Special Price $109.00 each



Delta Stars & Stripes

Recommended Line sold separately...
150# test Dacron ... $19.00
8 in. HaloWinder ...$10.00


Soar in the sky with the Majestic American Bald Eagle
The most impressive and realistic bird kite ever.
Can be pole flown, or flown as you would other kites.

5' Wingspan
Made with DuPont Tyvek®

WSK Special Price: $69.00

Jackite Eagle

(see more bird kites, and other single line kites)

"Old Glory" Rokkaku
Circus Spiral Gyro
Do you want to make a Patriotic statement in the sky?
Then this is the kite for you!

"Old Glory" specs:
Wind range: rated 6-18 mph, but I have flown this kite in wind as low as 3 mph, working the kite a little to keep it in the sky.
Size: 63"wide x 78" tall
Frame: carbon
Sail materials: Ripstop Nylon
Bridle: traditional four leg Rokkaku bridle

List : $149.00 WSK Price: $119.00

Note: This kite is large enough to lift most line laundry, such as multiple Spiral Gyros, larger spinsocks up to 12' size, and other windsocks of assorted types.


Mega Sled 81

Power Sled 81

Also available in these color combos...

Power Sled CubicPower Sled Red Storm

...........Cubic.... ... ... Rainbow Illusion

Power Sled RainbowPower Sled Rainbow

.... ..... Gradient.. ........ Teleflex

Size: 178" x 83" ( W x L )
Wind Range: 5 - 20 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Packaging: Drogue Chute Bag

MEGA Power Sled 81
WSK Special Order Price: $389.95

WSK Special $299.00*

ADD $190.00 for 1250#/325' bulk spool Polyester cord line
OR you can use our...

HEAVY DUTY LINE Priced at $160.00 for your Mega Sled or other BIG KITE?

ADD $16.00 for 10" halo winder

The Mega Sled is a serious kite for serious lifting.
If you wish to lift loads of line laundry, without spending a small fortune,
then this is the kite for you.

WARNING: The Mega Sled can product serious lifting power, and is not meant for beginner kite fliers.
You must have experience with medium to larger size kites and follow rules for flying safely.

NOTE: This shipment is oversize, hence actual shipping charges apply!


Spinsocks in other sizes available below, by special order (call for availability & delivery time frame)

5 Ft. Spinsock (available in Circus / Patriot / Rainbow / Tecmo)
WSK Special Price: $39.00
6.5 Ft. Spinsock (available in Circus / Patriot / Rainbow / Tecmo)
WSK Special Price: $49.00

Need a big lifter for your Spinsocks or other line laundry check out our Parafoils

Single Line Sport / Stunt Quad link Power Kites

Single Line Kites

Sport/Stunt Kites

Quad Line Kites
the Skydancer

Power Kites

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