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This page is intended to highlight the many
beautiful kites I have seen,
events I have attended, and the great fliers
who I have had the pleasure of flying with.

(see links below for other photo pages)

The Skydancer Collection:
This page is dedicated to the
custom made "Inter Active Kites",
Skydancers and other variable geometry designs,
made by kite craftsman & kite artist "David Davies"

David Davies
David Davies at the 2000 AKA convention,
Treasure Island, Florida

Click on images to see enlargements

David's Skyhawk
David's Skyhawk flying
with the AKA flag!

The Skyhawk
power spin

The "Swift"
new to the U.S.

Comet flare!


Spectra head on
Spectra head on

Spectra's true form
Spectra's true form

Spectra & flyer
Flyer's view

Birds of a kind

Hawks get ready to engage

Dueling Hawks

Puff the magic Dragon

Welsh Dragon from the tails view
(photo from Rick Beaman)

Rick Beaman & his Welsh Dragon custom Skydancer!
(photo from Rick Beaman)

Dragon close up
(photo by Con Engels)

Dragon detail
(photo by Con Engels)

Team flying with Dragon & Skydancer!
(photo from Rick Beaman)

A British 5 Pack of vented Skydancers!
(photo from Mark Bowlas)

Mark graduates to a six pack!
(photo from Mark Bowlas)

Skydancer custom "Phoenix"

Skydancer custom "Fearsome Hawk"
(photo by Cheryl Kear)

Spinning up some fun, at the Ohio Cup 1999
(photo by Cheryl Kear)

Con's stack 1999!
(with custom Fearsome Hawk, leading the 6 pack)
(photo by John Kish)

Con's custom "Hawk",
from David Davies
(photo by Cheryl Kear)

See info on the SkyHawk & other Skydancer custom quads!

See info on the SkyLight & SkyDiamonds!


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Skydancer space shot
A world class kite....the Skydancer, by Inter Active Kites
(click to enlarge)
Photo image by Lyndon Davies


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