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This page is intended to highlight the many
beautiful kites I have seen,
events I have attended, and the great fliers
who I have had the pleasure of flying with.


Fly Pgh events at Cooper's Lake Campground!
(see below for links to other photo pages)

Fly Pgh spectators
A typical day at a Fly Pittsburgh club fly!
While members of the club are out flying their kites,
spectators in the peanut gallery (banner row)
watch the festivities on the flying field!

(click on thumbnail images below to view the full size image)
Please note that many of these images are rather large and may take some time to download!

John & Dan's kites
John & Dan's kites

Judy & Dick
Judy & Dick

Tom & Boop

Spring Fly lunch
Spring Fly, lunchtime
is a good time!

Windstar Kites setup
Windstar Kites setup
at the Spring Fly!

RWB Kite Arch
Cheryl Kear's beautiful
Patriotic Arch!

Frank & Jason
Frank & Jason

RWB Rokkakus

Con & Jason
Con & Jason

Kite, arches & rok
Go Fly a
Freedom Kite!

Banner, flags arches, etc.
Red White & Blue
banners, kites & arches

Rokkaku & line laundry
Patriotic Rok
& line laundry

Frank assisting his Frog
Frank & his
extra large LeFrog!

At left you see one
of the world's largest
Frog kites (if not the
largest in the world).

To see more information
about the Mega Frog,
and an article
on it's maiden flight

World's largest Frog
Maiden flight of
Frank's 45' LeFrog





Con & Jason
Con Engels (on left) with his brother Jason!

A sad day for Fly Pittsburgh!
On May 28, 2003 Fly Pittsburgh
lost our oldest and dearest member of the club, Frank Olson! He was 91 years young.

Frank Olson
(click photo for enlargement)

Frank Olson will be missed!
May his spirit live on within those that knew him. Please think of Frank when you fly your kites!

Frank (In loving memory),

With your loss, it is a double edge sword to me, as on one hand I will miss you dearly, knowing that I will not be seeing you on the flying field any more, with your greeting to me "How's it going Junior?". Even though I am a Jr to my Dad, no one ever called me by that name, and it was very enduring to me that you called me such.

Frank, you lead a very good life, and were an inspiration to us all on the flying field. You made your own kites, which included diamond kite arches, a 90' USA ring kite, and your Fu Man Chu parafoil of which you are most famous for. You were my traveling buddy and co-pilot who accompanied me on various kiting trips, such as AKA Wildwood convention in 1997, and again to the Muncie convention. You also were my room mate for a few of the Ice Flies in Erie, and also the Ohio Cup a few years back. I will miss those times with you!

On the other hand, I am a better person for knowing my friends and family, and even when I lose my friends to death I carry with me all the memories I have of them, and so they still live on because I keep their spirits alive in how they have affected my life and changed me forever. And, I am a better person because of knowing you Frank!

Your friend always,

Junior (Con Engels)

Frank's 90th Birthday!

Fly Pittsburgh Kite Club
Club Group Photo for Frank's party

(click photo for enlargement... 105 kb in size)

Frank Olson, our Club Patriarch!!!


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