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This page dedicated to Windsocks & Spinners PLUS TAILS.

Laser® Windsocks
Laser Windsock

Laser WindsockLaser WindsockLaser WindsockLaser WindsockLaser Windsock

Laser Windsocks measure 50" long with 4" diameter. They make a great addition to any outdoor decor, or display. Watch the light shimmer as the wind blows wildly through it's 60+ strands of mylar!

Great for the a kid's room for decoration.
(NOTE: Not for children under 8 years old).

WSK Price: $12.00 each


"Wacky Worm" 6' spinning windsock
Wacky Worm spinning windsock
(click worm for photo)

Great for line laundry, underneath your favorite kite,
flown off of a pole, or just hangin' around the house (inside or out)!
WSK Price: $29.00 each

Colors Available: Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red


Patchwork Delta/
Wacky Worm package
Wacky Worms with delta

(click to enlarge)

At left, three Wacky Worms being flown as line laundry, under a 12' Patchwork delta.
The Neon Patchwork Delta priced at $130.00
And a large 34" HypnoTwister tail at $39.00
Three Wacky Worms are priced at $29.00 each.
Dacron line (200#/500'on Halo) at $36.00

Sold separately... total wold be... $292.00

Package deal- WSK Special Price: $249.00


"Hypno Twister"
Delightful spinning tail. It's unusual helix effect looks great on kites or on our telescopic banner poles.

19"(Small) Price...$19.00
22"(Med) Price...$29.00
34"(Large) Price...$39.00

Hyno Twister


Spinning inflated chute. Make's a great addition flown on a pole, as line laundry or used a kite drougue.

Available in Rainbow &
Patriot- Red/White/Blue
(click to see other patriotic items)

14"(Small) Price...$15.00

30"(Large) Price...$29.00

Rainbow Dynamo


NEW & HOT "Blaze"
Crystal inspired spinner looks fantasic as a kite drougue, flown on a pole or used as line laundry.

Available in Rainbow &
Patriot- Red/White/Blue
(click to see other patriotic items)

24"(Small) Price...$21.00

36"(Large) Price...$28.00

Blaze Rainbow


Make a dramatic spin statement in the sky.
Sized 6 foot long in sculpted spinning colors, this new item will capture lots of attention.

Circus Spiral Gyro
6' Patriotic Spiral Gyro
Also... other colors available:
Blue-yellow swirl
Pink-purple swirl
6' Spiral Gyro WSK Price: $39.00

For other Patriotic items go to our Patriotic Page


Need TAILS for your larger kite, or wish to add tubes as line laundry?

We have the perfect solution:

Tube Tails for 9', 11' & 19' Deltas or other large kites ...

24' Tube Tail: WSK Special Price $24.00 each ... or ... TWO FOR $40.00

100' Tube Tail: WSK Special Price $109.00 each ... or ... TWO FOR $200.00

Delta Stars & Stripes
(click photo for enlargement)

Colors available by special order (listed from Top to Bottom):

Black & White
Tie Dye
Rainbow Tecmo
Cool (only available in 24' size)


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Need a lifter for your Windsocks or other line laundry check out our Parafoils



Single Line Sport / Stunt Quad link Power Kites

Single Line Kites

Sport/Stunt Kites

Quad Line Kites
the Skydancer

Power Kites

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