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"BILLY THE CRAB" Bouncing Buddy by HQ DESIGNS®

Billy The Crab "Red"
"Billy The Crab"
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Billy The Crab "Red" Bouncing Buddy
Inflatable ground display from HQ Designs. Powered by the wind and staked to the ground, he bounces and moves along the ground in a fun and humorous life-like way. Great for the beach or your yard. Fun to watch and will draw attention at any event. Kids love Billy The Crab, as it replicates the motion of a real life crab.

Width: 124 cm / 41"
Length: 105 cm / 49"
Sail: Ripstop-Nylon
Wind: 12 mph and up (3+ Bft.)

WSK List Price: $58.99
WSK SPECIAL Price: $53.00

Billy The Crab "Orange"
"Billy The Crab"
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Billy The Crab "Orange" Bouncing Buddy
WSK List Price: $58.99
WSK SPECIAL Price: $53.00

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