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Security, Privacy and Business Policies:


Privacy: Windstar Kites respects your privacy and also will not share even insecure e-mails that you send the company, unless it is sent in forum form, through a poll that you chose to participate in, or as an entry to the WSK Guestbook. Though you must know that any and all insecure (or normal) e-mails that you send can be intercepted in route through any router and server (unless a server is secured).

Although Windstar Kites takes every measure possible to keep information private, Windstar Kites will not be held responsible for any information that you send via insecure e-mail, because it is just that… insecure. There is always the risk of insecure e-mail being intercepted in route and misused, so please do not send sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, using e-mail.

Security: Windstar Kites has a strict policy regarding security of personal information and your privacy. All personal information by phone, or given securely through the Windstar Kites web site is kept in strict confidence, and is NOT sold, given, or shared with any outside sources.

Credit Card Info: Customer credit card numbers are NOT kept on any of our servers, OR in our local system. When orders are shipped, the entire credit card number is NOT used on the invoice, whether it is packaged with the shipment or sent by US mail. Also, on the part of Windstar Kites, your credit card will NEVER be sent via insecure (or normal) e-mail.

Shopping at Windstar Kites: Orders can be place via Phone or by US Mail using the WSK Printed Order Form.

Contacting Windstar Kites by PHONE: When phoning us, if we are busy helping customers, instead of putting you on hold for who knows how long, you will get our voice mail. If so, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Most times it will be the same day, and usually within a few hours. If we're promoting kiting at a local kite event or regional festival, then it may take a little longer.

Contacting Windstar Kites by e-mail: When e-mailing WSK, please keep in mind that sometimes we receive hundreds of e-mails per day. We will make every effort to address each legitimate e-mail regarding inquiries about products, local kiting events,and kiting in general.

Regarding SPAM: Windstar Kites WILL NOT answer SPAM (mass e-mail) targeted at securing business from us. All SPAM is deleted from our server! Our policy is that WE do not appreciate SPAM, therefore, Windstar Kites will not send SPAM. We do however issue general mailings to our loyal customers and friends who sign up for our opt in mailing lists. If you mistakenly receive a mailing from us, that you do not wish to receive, please let Windstar Kites know, and your e-mail address will be removed from the list.




Pricing Policies:Windstar Kites does it's very best to be competitive in pricing, and offer excellent customer service. You will also find many Specials running throughout the web site. Please note that Special WSK Prices listed within this site are for in stock items only. And, although every effort is made to keep listed prices current, Windstar Kites reserves the right to change prices at any time, without notice! Please confirm product availability and pricing upon ordering!

Quality: Every effort is made to insure that all merchandise carried by Windstar Kites is of first-rate quality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Once you receive your order, if you are not satisfied with a purchase, please call for a verbal authorization of your return. Once return authorization is confirmed you may return the item(s) for exchange. You have five days from receiving your order, to call for return authorization, and then you must ship your return within another five days. Items returned must be in NEW condition, and in the original packaging! If items returned are NOT in NEW condition, it is at the discretion of the sales manager as to the amount of credit to be paid back to the customer. There may be a 25% re-stocking fee, if items returned are NOT in new condition. The customer is responsible for shipping costs back to Windstar Kites.

PLEASE NOTE: Special order items can NOT be returned! (see below)

Special Order Items: Please note that once an item is ordered that is not a stock item, that item is considered to be sold to the customer. Special Orders can not be canceled once the order is placed. SPECIAL ORDER items are NOT returnable for refund. However, if found to be defective, the item that was special ordered will be replaced with the same or similar product.

Billing Invoice: Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover/Novus Brand cards), money order or check. If paid by check, the order will be held for 10 business days, or until the check clears. Windstar Kites imposes a $25.00 charge for any invoice not paid in full. The customer is responsible for all legal fees incurred in collection of unpaid balances, including attorney's fee, plus interest of 1.5% per month.

Inspection of your order: All orders are packaged in an appropriate manner, as to arrive to you without damage. Please inspect your order upon receipt, and report any damage immediately to Windstar Kites and to UPS or other carrier used.

International Orders: The customer is responsible for paying any and all VAT or import taxes or duties, and agrees to accept the shipment from Windstar Kites without rejecting it for reason of not accepting and paying import duties charged by customs.

Although there is usually no problems with shipments to destinations outside the US, on occasion packages can be detained or rejected by international customs. In the event that a shipment is returned to Windstar Kites, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs involved in the shipment, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by Windstar Kites.
As long as Windstar Kites supplies all required documentation on it's commercial invoices and customs forms (including international waybills), Windstar Kites will not be held responsible for rejection of any packages sent to international destinations (outside the US). In the event of rejection of the shipment by customs, Windstar Kites will then pay the fees for return of the package, but the customer will be charged these fees, and will reimburse Windstar Kites any and all fees for the packages return to Windstar Kites. Upon rejection of shipment of international customs and return of package to Windstar Kites, the customer has the option of canceling the order, but the customer agrees that he or she is responsible for and will pay all related shipping costs. The customer also has the option of having the rejected package re-sent, and agrees to pay all shipping costs as stated above.



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Special WSK Prices listed on this and other pages within this site are for in stock items only. And, although every effort is made to maintain current listed prices, Windstar Kites reserves the right to change prices at any time, without notice! Please confirm prices when ordering.