"In Memory of David Davies"
(Creator of the Skydancer, quad line kite)
David Davies

Cheers to you David!

It is 5 years now since David passed.
Here is a special video, remembering David Davies ...

In 2003, I had the pleasure of visiting David Davies and his wife Sue.
This video was taken by David, as I flew his wonderful kites.
It was great to visit, fly at various places, and get to experience
two of the UK's premier kite festivals.
Windsor Park was just David & I flying solo.
Was a marvelous time :-)


David Davies
June 20, 1926 - November 11, 2008
Loving Husband of Sue, and Father of Howard!

On Tuesday morning at 11:00 am on November 11, 2008, David Davies passed away. Present when David passed was his beloved wife Sue and family members at his home.

I came to know David in January 1997, when I attended the Kite Trade Show in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Walking down the beach that fateful January day, I saw a kite from a distance that instantly drew my attention… it was a Skydancer Black Rainbow quad line kite, with long flowing 45’ matching tube tails. The way the kite flew, and interacted with the flier’s input and control was truly amazing. As many fliers gathered around David Davies to talk with him about this new flying machine, they anxiously waited to have a go at flying it. When I finally had my turn at the controls of the Skydancer, it was nothing like I had ever flown before. I fell in love with the kite, and needless to say, I left Clearwater Beach with my very own Skydancer.

Over the next few months, I kept in touch with David, and started talking with him about sharing the joy of flying his kites with others in the US. And in the years to follow, I had the privilege of getting to know David as a business associate, a fellow kite flier, and most of all as a good friend. David had traveled to the US to promote his kites on only 4 occasions, but everyone who has ever flown, or had the pleasure of watching his beautiful kites dancing in the sky has felt his impact.

While visiting David and his wife Sue at their home in August of 2003, I had the chance to see a different side of David, as I had the chance to meet family members … One of a loving Husband, Father, and Grandfather. I also came to know that David had served in World War II, as a Glider Pilot. David was also an accomplished professional commercial photographer, which was his lifetime career before retiring. In the early ‘90s, David found a new love, and that was of kite flying, and making his Inter Active Kites, such as the SkyHawk, SkyEagle, Spectra, Enigma, Fijet, Bat, Ghost, Swift, his most famous Skydancer and many more.

David Davies was a dear friend and I will miss him very much, along with the many who have had the pleasure to get to know him throughout the years. My sincerest sympathy goes out to his wife Sue, and to all of David’s family members. Although David is no longer here on Earth with us, I know that David will live on through his kites, and in the hearts of many. David was 82 years young!

In loving memory of you David!

Your friend over the pond,

Con Engels

Anyone wishes to send condolences; here is info for David’s wife:
Sue Davies
36 Lawrence Drive
Ickenham, Uxbridge
Middlesex UB10 8RW
United Kingdom

Special Note:
Anyone wishing to share memories of David Davies, or wishing to send photos of you with your kite(s) made by David, please feel to e-mail me and I will make sure that I post them to this special page dedicated to David!

Thank you to all who have replied, regarding David's passing! He will be missed by many!

Good Winds & Great Flying,

Con Engels

David Davies
"Skyhawk flying David"
Treasure Island, Florida (AKA Convention, October 2000)

Skyhummer Stacked with Skydancers
SkyHummer lead kite, stacked with 5 Skydancers.
(photo by Kay Engelsiepen)

The SkyHummer was the last kite that David Davies made before he passed away!
David's memory will live on, as we continue to fly his beautiful flying works of art!



Rembering David Davies...

I was greatly saddened to hear of David's passing. I had the honor of sharing many kite arenas with David in the UK and in the USA. We both had a common goal, which was to enjoy every minute doing what we both loved to do, that was to fly, and when there was no wind we would chat about our travels and experiences. I will surely miss him! But knowing when I am flying amongst the clouds and blue skies around the world I know for sure David will be looking down giving me the thumbs up sign and saying Good Stuff Ray, as he always did when he watched me perform.

Ray Bethell
Vancouver BC Canada
Lee & DavidCon Engels & Ray Bethell at AKA 2007 Nationals
Photo by Kay Engelsiepen

I remember the first time I saw David Davies Skydancer kite being flown by Con Engels. It was love at first sight. Better yet Con let me fly one. For three years I flew the Skydancers whenever my path and Con Engels crossed. Finally I could write the check and a Skyhawk was mine. What a great thing David did for us inventing them.
God Bless you, rest in peace.

God Bless
Charles Stewart
NewYork NY, USA
High Spirits of 14B

I remember David as a Very Happy Guy that not only enjoyed flying kites but one who also came up with his own designs....which set him off from many of us....He was a Good man to know and am glad I had met Him.

Lee Sedgwick
Erie PA, USA
Lee & David Lee & David at Ocean Shores WA, AKA Convention 1998

Thank you so much for sharing with me the passing of our friend and fellow kiter, Mr. David Davies.

I first met David at Wildwood, NJ at the AKA convention in the late 1990's or 2000. I too was taken by the beauty of his 4-line creation, with the 40 tails. David allowed me to try it and I was convinced to buy one.

At the AKA fly market, when I had decided to purchase a Skydancer, I ask David if he could build one for me in our National colors. David laughed and said, "They are my National colors, and of France as well, and yes, I have one with me". I have been flying my red, white and blue Skydancer ever since.

I will always remember David as friendly and fun to talk to. We all will miss him!

Al Ault
Bel Air MD, USA

Although I never had the pleasure to meet him personally, I feel a connection every time I bring out the Skydancers. There will always be a spot in my heart and the sky for David. I had the enjoyment of learning quad flying with David's Enigma Skydancer. There is no quad as unique, beautiful or fun to fly!!!

My 2nd Skydancer was a custom purple and white that my husband, Jay, wanted me to get to mark our 10th anniversary. Purple and white were our wedding colors. When it came in the mail I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. I still smile every time I see the bottom corner personalized and signed by David. When the tails are put on, the Skydancers never fail to get smiles and finger-pointing from people in the vicinity. It is a great gift and legacy that David has given to all of us.

I hope his family is warmed by the thoughts and memories kiters around the world share for David.

Tina Bushey
Belleville IL, USA
See more photos from Tina below...
PS from Tina: My kite club used photos of members' kites to create a stylized image to go with the official club logo. The stylized version used a Skydancer.
(NOTE: This stylized image shown in the gallery below)

Thank you Tina, for the photos!

To me David was the Peter Pan of kites…Perennially young at heart and totally enthused with his passion for his designs. He was always thrilled to receive constructive criticism, and ever eager to consider new designs for his kites. He was, like his designs, unique and unforgettable. Personally he was generous and a truly entertaining character. Those who knew him well, will feel the light of the world noticeably dimmed by his passing.
Mike Armstrong
Dr Mike
A friend (fromCheshire, UK)
Skydancer Enigma, made by David Davies
(SkyWarrior graphics designed by Mike Armstrong)

Thanks, Mike! For Hosting David's home page for all those years!

I am very sorry about the passing of David, its a real loss for the kiting community.
Nelson Borelli

Woodstock IL, USA
Photo by Dave Shattuck - aka "geezer"
Nelson Borelli's "Hot Pink & Yellow" Skydancer (purchased directly from David Davies at a AKA convention)
Note: (from Dave Shattuck)... This shot, taken from the current issue of Kitelife shows Nelson Borelli on the right and Luis Claris Skoczdopole on the left. The third person in the middle is Gustavo Di Si, who was flying the Skydancer in demonstration for the other two men. The location is along Paseo de la Costa (literally, "The Road along the Coast") in Vicente Lopez, the suburb just north of the city of Buenos Aires. The water shown behind the subjects is the Rio de la Plata, which is a huge estuary that separates Argentina from Uruguay.

Note: (from Con Engels)... While at AKA convention in Gettysburg, Claris purchased a Black Rainbow Skydancer for Gustavo. Gustavo, is an accomplished multi-line, multi kite, and indoor flier. He has inquired about flying the Skydancer indoors. I look forward to helping Gustavo in his quest for indoor Skydancing!

I send sympathy & strength to you at the loss of a good friend!
Gayle Woodul
Marble Falls TX, USA

That is sad. His kites always brought a smile. My prayers are with him.

John Chilese
Las Vegas NV, USA

His kites have brought me many hours of enjoyment, and I have met new friends that I might have not met had it not been for his great kite designs.

Dave Cathey
Spring TX, USA
Photo of Dave flying his Skydancer
PS- from Dave (Regarding the above photo):
That is one of my favorite photos of me. That kite is special since I bought it right after my Mother passed and somehow when I fly it, I feel she can see me flying it, so I give her a show.
(photo by John Chilese)

Thanks John, for the photo!

I put all 11 of David's kites together and arranged them in front of the picket fence that is in front of the house. It was fun to look at all the beautiful work that David did on my kites. He was a master of color combinations. My only regret was that I never bought a "Puff the Dragon" to go with the group. I am sad that he is gone, but very glad I sent him those pictures from AKA convention, so he could enjoy them.

Bill Schumacher
Alto MI, USA
Photo of Bill with all 11 of his kites, hand made by David Davies!
(Photo by Lynn Schumacher)

See more photos from Bill in the photo gallery below...
PS: (from Bill)-
Just looked at the photo tribute page and the wonderful comments. It looks great !!!! The photos of your mom's kite were super. As the last kite David made, it tells the whole story about his talents in graphics and blending of colors. It was good for me to see all my kites together. I do remember each of them as being a unique extension of a top kite designer and builder. When they were all together, I was more than proud to be the owner of many one-of-a-kind. I do fly them only under ideal conditions and always tell anybody that will listen, about David.

I don't have a Skydancer but have always wanted one and have admired David's kites for many years. Several members of the WACKOS have Skydancer's and I really enjoy them every chance I get to see them. I am saddened by David's passing. His family will be in my prayers.

Eddie Sprouse
Charlotte NC, USA

Quote from KiteLife Magazine..."A true orginator in the world of kite design, David Davies invented one of the only quad line kites to be a completely different kite from the Revolution. Truly a joy to fly and now flown all over the world, this man will be missed by many." ... quote by David Hathaway.

Read the complete post on Kitelife.com, by David Hathaway (editor of KiteLife Magazine, and member of the iQuad Team).
I remembered seeing someone flying Skydancers at the AKA Grand Nationals in Des Moines back in 2006, and the "show" the pilot put on for those who chose to watch. Glorious kites, a-burst with incredible colors, and quite attractive with their long, flowing tails. I remember walking over there and talking with the pilot for a moment, and commenting on what a nice sky-display they were.
Dave Shattuck - aka "geezer"
Vancouver WA, US

Photo by Kitelife (used by permission)
Jim Podlasek, Con Engels & Kay Engelsiepen

FlyMart AKA Convention 2006

I finally came across my shots of Dave and a few of his kites from AKA Treasure Island 2000. I remember Con introducing me to Dave as "that guy who was buying so many of his kites" and then Con went off to fly his 6 stack. Dave started pulling kites out of his bag, setting them up, and encouraged me to test fly them. After about the 4th kite, Con landed his stack, came over and said "Dave, you've been holding out on me". I hadn't realized that Con had never seen some of these kites he was letting me fly. My first Skydancer (Rainbow with tails) is still my favorite. I still am very protective of my Fearsome Hawk that Betsy finally gave me permission to buy. And I still marvel that her brother, who couldn't keep a Beetle in the air for 10 seconds was flying a Fijet prototype without the tail. Dave will long be remembered for his marvelous kites.
Rick Agar
Cincinnati OH, US

Photo of Rick's "Red Rainbow Skydancer"
Photo by
Betsy Agar
See more photos from Rick & Betsy in the photo gallery below...

More memories of David will be posted as I receive them...

Want to share your thoughts about David and his kites? Please email me at ConEngels@kitemail.com

***Thoughts of David as posted on Kitelife.com***

Photos... in memory of David Davies...
Starting things off with some photos of the very last kite that David made before he passed away. It is a custom, one of a kind Skydancer Hummer (or SkyHummer for short). I received this kite from David, and presented it to my Mom (Kay) for her birthday! Needless to say she was very surprised to find a her new kite hanging in the sun room, when she entered the room! My Mom has flown my demo Skydancer for years, and she has lots of fun when there is enough wind for her to fly. This past Spring, she had an absolute blast flying my Skydancer, and she told me that she would like her very own Skydancer. Then she said... "Not just a regular Skydancer, but a custom one!" Well, she got her wish! I am very happy that David was able to make her the kite!

Thanks to all who have sent photos and summited your kind words.
Con Engels

SkyHummer test flown
by David Davies!

Surprise Mom!

SkyHummer Displayed

Mom (Kay) with her
new SkyHummer!

SkyHummer at
Cooper's Lake

SkyHummer maiden
flight in the US
(photo by Kay Engelsiepen)

SkyHummer at DPI
(photo by Kay Engelsiepen)

SkyHummer rear view
(photo by Kay Engelsiepen)

Thanks to David's friend,
Bill Schumacher, for
the following nine
SkyEagle photos!

Sky Enigma
My good friend Bill
with his favorite kite!

Bill's SkyEagle
Bill's SkyEagle
In Flight

Bill's SkyEagle
Con ready to
launch stack

SkyEagle Skydancer stack

Con flying stack
Con flying

SkyEagle Skydancer stack
stack in flight

Con & Bill
Bill & Con

Bill Schumacher
with all 11 of his
David Davies creations!

Another photo of Bill's
collection of kites made
by David Davies!

Dave Cathey flying his
Skydancer Black Rainbow
(photo by John Chilese)

Dan Jackson's
Skydancer Black Rainbow

Tina, with her
Skydancer Enigma
(Thank you, Tina!)

Tina's Enigma
waiting for wind!
(photo by Tina Bushey)

Enigma in flight!
(photo from Tina Bushey)


Gateway Kite Club
stylized image to go with
their official logo!
(photo from Tina Bushey)

Steve at AKA
Steve LaPorte wins
'98 AKA Innovative
with the Skydancer

David at Portsmouth

David flying Enigma

David with one of a kind
Patchwork Skydancer

Sue's custom
(photo by David Davies)

Sue's Rainbow diving
Sue's Rainbow in a
dramatic dive
(photo by David Davies)

Rainbow in the clouds
Rainbow in the clouds
(photo by David Davies)

Sue's Skydancer
First indoor flight
of Sue's custom
(photo by David Davies)

David's Skyhawk
David's Skyhawk flying
with the AKA flag!

Made especially for Con
Christmas 2005!
(photo by Brain Check)

Con at Ocean Shores WA
(photo by Jim Martin)

The "Swift"
Maiden U.S. flight

Lee & David
Lee & David flying
together at the 1998
AKA Nationals

Domino launch
Lee Sedgwick pulls a
simply amazing
"domino launch" with
Con's six pack.

Lee skydancer closeup
Six pack approaches
under Lee's total

David & Ed
Ed "Erdoboy" Fackler
learns the ropes on
Skydancing with
David Davies

Puff the magic Dragon
(photo by David Davies)

The "SkyWitch"
(custom by David Davies)

Inter Active Bat!
(photo by David Davies)

David with his personal
one of a kind


Pairs Skydancing
Tom & Con practice our
Skydancing pairs flying
at Presque Isle, Erie, PA

Twin spin
Twin spin


Reverse dive
Reverse dive

David's Indie SkyHawk
with the Concord SST!

(photo by David Davies)

Laura Podlasek
flying Enigma

(photo by Kevin Robinson)

Comet flare!

David flying the Spectra

The Spectra
by David Davies

(photo by David Davies)

Spectra's true form
Spectra's true form
(photo by David Davies)

8 Pack closeup
(photo by David Davies)

Skyhawk full stack
(photo by David Davies)

Con's Stack
(photo by David Davies)

Peek A Boo!
(photo by David Davies)

Rick Beaman &
his Welsh Dragon
custom Skydancer!

(photo from Rick Beaman)

Welsh Dragon
from the tails view

(photo from Rick Beaman)

Team flying with
Dragon & Skydancer!

(photo from Rick Beaman)

Dragon close up
(photo by Con Engels)

Skydancer custom

A British 5 Pack of
vented Skydancers!

(photo from Mark Bowlas)

Con's stack 1999!
(with custom Fearsome Hawk,
leading the 6 pack)

(photo by John Kish)

Spinning up some fun, at
the Ohio Cup 1999

(photo by Cheryl Kear)

Con's custom "Hawk",
from David Davies
(photo by Cheryl Kear)

Skydancer custom "Fearsome Hawk"
(photo by Cheryl Kear)

Birds of a kind at
Dayton 2003
(photo by Kay Engelsiepen)

Dueling Hawks
(photo by Kay Engelsiepen)

Fijet sunset
Con, getting ready to
test the Fijet, in the
twilight hour!
(photo: Tom Baumgardner)

Fijet 3
Swept wings at speed!
(photo: Tom Baumgardner)

Fijet 10
Fijet flying at dusk!

Fijet 11
The final landing!

The Skydancer
contest winner!

The "SkyLight"

SkyLight w/3 tails
with 3 tails

SkyLight graphic

Sky Enigma
Con's Sky Enigma
(photo by Brian Check)

Sky Enigma
Sky Enigma
sweptback in flight
(photo by Brian Check)

Sky Enigma
Sky Enigma
(photo by Brian Check)

Sky Enigma
Click image for
even larger image!
(awesome, but large
260 kb in size)

Jim Podlasek's
(photo by Jim Martin)

Laura Podlasek with
her SkyDragon
a.k.a. "Puff the Dragon"
(photo by Jim Martin)

Con's Skydancer Stack
at Ocean City MD
2005 AKA convention
(photo by Jim Martin)

Con's Skydancer Stack
at Ocean City MD
2005 AKA convention
(photo by Jim Martin)

SkyHawk pairs!
(photo by Jim Martin)

SkyHawk pairs!
(photo by Jim Martin)

Bob Auchincloss
Black Rainbow
Skydancer maiden flight!
(photo by Bonnie)


Rick Agar's
Red Rainbow Skydancer
(photo by Betsy Agar)

Rick Agar's
Red Rainbow Skydancer
(photo by Betsy Agar)

David at Treasure Island FL
AKA Convention 2000
(photo by Rick Agar)

David flying his
Fearsome Hawk
AKA Convention 2000
(photo by Rick Agar)

David's SkyHawk
in a power dive!
(photo by Rick Agar)

David's SkyComet
AKA Convention 2000
(photo by Rick Agar)


(photo by Rick Agar)

Purple Rainbow
flown by David at a
UK Festival
(circa 1998)

David flying a
Red Rainbow
UK Festival
(circa 1998)

David's "Indie Skydancer"
Flying at Windsor Great Park
Berkshire, UK
(photo by David Davies)

One of a kind Skydancer...
Collin Marshall commissioned
David Davies to make!
(photo by David Davies)

Lilley from team Flic flying
Collin's "SkyFlame"
(photo by Collin Marshall)


Your photos


Do you have some
photos of David's kites?

Feel free to e-mail
them to me and I'll
post them to this page!



My heartfelt thanks goes out to all David's friends for their lovely cards, and for their well wishes during this difficult time. I now realize just how many friends in kiting that David had. Thank you so very much for your kind words on Con's web site, on the forums and by cards sent to me. It is very difficult for me at the moment, and it helps knowing that so many of David's friends are thinking of me!


Sue Davies

To view a Special Slide Show via MySpace...
Just click the screen below to view!

The Skydancer: A Tribute to David Davies

To view a Special Skydancer video via You Tube...
Just click the screen below to view!

This video is Gustavo Di Si from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Do you have some photos of David's kites? If you would like to share your photos, that would be wonderful! The photos can be high resolution, action shots, or can be just of you with your Skydancer kite (including those of you that have Fijets and custom kites, like the SkyHawk, SkyEagle, and Puff The Dragon).

I will be very happy to post your photos. E-mail me your photos, and please feel free to send me your comments regarding David Davies. Thank you!

Good Winds & Great Flying,

Con Engels